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What if everything we thought we knew about Vitamin D was wrong?  

Most of us aren't too concerned about our Vitamin D levels, because after all, that's the one that comes from sunshine, right?  We just have to wander outside for a few minutes a day and our bodies get a full dose?  And most of us have seen it on our milk or orange juice labels, so we are thinking, Whew, at least that's one vitamin I don't have to worry about!

But sho...

When spring rolls around each year, we're reminded of the value of habits.  Either our New Years resolutions have become new habits in our lives, or we’ve completely given up trying to make them happen.  No matter where you and your resolutions ended up, spring marks a time for new beginnings and fresh starts—a perfect time to take on new habits.

"Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

- M...

Researchers are realizing that we have to look beyond the lesions when understanding endometriosis and pain.  For women with endometriosis, the severity and location of pain is not correlated with the severity and location of endometriosis lesions - there's clearly more going on.  Traditional treatment options like surgery or oral contraceptives target the lesions, but they may not offer permanent relief from pain or endometriosis symptoms.

When scien...

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