November 19, 2019

The lowest point for Stacey was a night in the Emergency Room in excruciating pelvic pain.  Her symptoms had steadily been getting worse for more than a year, and she had seen more than 15 doctors without improvement.  She began searching for help and found PelvicSanity online - she began feeling some relief in her first treatment session, and within three months was feeling like herself again after years of pelvic pain.  

Stacey wanted to sha...

November 19, 2019

Bridget had been dealing with pain during intercourse for more than 4 years, which started after she had kids.  It had been gradually getting worse, and was affecting her relationship with her husband.  Even when she was willing to try being intimate, her husband was afraid of hurting her, and they were no longer intimate in their marriage.

Bridget asked to share the story of her journey to raise awareness for others and give them hope that they just do...

Naturally Preventing and Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Over half of women have experienced the symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) - the urgent need to go to the bathroom, burning pain during and after a void, pain located in the pelvis, abdomen, or bladder, and cloudy or smelly urine. Bladder infections occur when bacteria make their way up through the urethra and into the bladder. They are eight times more likely in women, because the urethra i...

December 12, 2018

When Chelsea first called us, she was about six weeks away from her wedding and dealing with significant abdominal and pelvic pain.  She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the day, and scared that even putting on her wedding dress would be too painful to tolerate.

This Q&A with Chelsea is part of our ongoing patient stories, and Chelsea wanted to share her journey to raise awareness for others.

PelvicSanity: Thanks so much for sharing your story –...

What if everything we thought we knew about Vitamin D was wrong?  

Most of us aren't too concerned about our Vitamin D levels, because after all, that's the one that comes from sunshine, right?  We just have to wander outside for a few minutes a day and our bodies get a full dose?  And most of us have seen it on our milk or orange juice labels, so we are thinking, Whew, at least that's one vitamin I don't have to worry about!

But sho...

A recent research study on diastasis recti has been making headlines over the last few weeks. The Norwegian study focuses on the efficacy of physical therapy as a treatment for diastasis.  Some of the sensationalized headlines it has provoked include:

“Researchers have no idea how to fix your ‘mummy tummy’”

Is this really true?  Is physical therapy not as helpful for treatment of diastasis recti as we initially thought? Let's look into what exactly the resea...

The body undergoes many different changes during pregnancy. In the final weeks of pregnancy, the connective tissue (linea alba) widens between the "six-pack" (rectus abdominis), allowing the stomach to expand with the growing baby. Instead of a tightly knit "six-pack" configuration, the muscles begin to shift to each side, forming two separate groups. This is known as diastasis recti, which can be shortened to diastasis or DRA.

While this happens in almost...

If you've ever tried to break a habit, you know it isn't easy!  Some bad habits could include smoking, chewing your fingernails, overindulging at dinner, and many more.  Psychiatrist Judson Brewer has studied a surprisingly effective technique involving the use of mindfulness to break these habits. 

Often when we attempt to break a habit, we rely on our willpower to overcome our desire to indulge in the habit.  While this can sometimes be...

When spring rolls around each year, we're reminded of the value of habits.  Either our New Years resolutions have become new habits in our lives, or we’ve completely given up trying to make them happen.  No matter where you and your resolutions ended up, spring marks a time for new beginnings and fresh starts—a perfect time to take on new habits.

"Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

- M...

Have you ever wondered why your low back pain just keeps sticking around even after you have faithfully seen a physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist? Most of the time, these professionals are addressing the spine and sometimes even the hips. But why do we neglect the very foundation of the spine? Your spine begins at your tailbone, which is one of the three bones of the pelvis. Muscles that attach to and support your pelvis and tailbone inc...

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