If you've ever tried to break a habit, you know it isn't easy!  Some bad habits could include smoking, chewing your fingernails, overindulging at dinner, and many more.  Psychiatrist Judson Brewer has studied a surprisingly effective technique involving the use of mindfulness to break these habits. 

Often when we attempt to break a habit, we rely on our willpower to overcome our desire to indulge in the habit.  While this can sometimes be...

In the heightened pace of today's world, many of us struggle to maintain control over our thoughts and emotions, leading to difficulty with mental health, focus, and overall resilience. This is especially important for dealing with issues such as chronic pain, which can be complicated by mental and emotional health issues--not just physical! Mindfulness provides a way to slow the pace and regain control of our emotions, thoughts and sensations. By now I'm s...

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