Free Post-Natal Screenings (until April 15th)

Get your Post-Baby Body Back to Normal!


Carrying a child for nine months and giving birth - either vaginally or through a C-section - is one of the most traumatic things the body will experience.  While it's common for new mothers to experience these symptoms, it's not normal, and certainly not something you just have to live with. In many developed countries, a post-natal physical therapy visit is routine as part of the standard of care.

During your free screening, the experts at PelvicSanity will:

  • Screen for common post-natal issues like incontinence, painful intercourse, prolapse, pelvic pain, and more

  • Guide you to the next steps for your health and wellness journey

  • Teach you how to address or prevent low back, hip, and groin pain

  • Check for diastasis recti

  • Give tips on safely returning to exercise

  • Let you know what is - and is not! - normal after childbirth and during recovery

Call or email by April 12th to schedule your free consultation!


PelvicSanity is a renowned specialty clinic focusing exclusively on pelvic health.  We work with mothers in dealing with common - but not normal - post-natal symptoms and allowing them to safetly return to exercise.  

We believe full-length sessions are crucial to success with pelvic PT, so all appointments at PelvicSanity are an hour in length and spent entirely with a pelvic floor specialist. You’ll never be hooked up to electrodes, see an aide instead of a physical therapist, or be told to ‘just do your Kegels.’  We create a positive, calm environment for healing in private treatment rooms.

We also believe the pelvic floor can’t be treated in isolation, so your treatment will address both the pelvic floor and the external muscles that connect and influence the entire pelvis for optimal results. 


"My life has truly been changed since my first treatment at PelvicSanity. I have been taken care of in the most kind, professional, and beneficial manner.  I never knew I could feel this great!"

The entire core - abdominal, back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and pelvic muscles - needs to work together to safely return to exercise

From our Patients


Pelvic Pain

"I love PelvicSanity!  They have helped me live pain-free, and taught me techniques to manage my pain at home.  I don't feel hopeless in pain anymore!"


Pelvic Pain

"I'm so thankful to have found this place. I appreciate the comprehensive knowledge of my condition and the encouragement to keep working toward my goals."


Pelvic Pain

"The excellent and precise treatment I have received has shifted me from a plateau where I was still very disabled, despite nearly three years of varied treatments, to feeling nearly pain-free for a full two weeks. I had given up hope that I would ever experience anything more than a temporary respite from intractable pain. I am extremely grateful."

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