Fair and Transparent Pricing

The reason we can offer the best care to our patients

Our objective is to provide the best possible care for our patients.  We feel strongly that our patients need a full-length session to allow us to treat both internal and external causes of pain and dysfunction. Both need to be addressed for true, sustained recovery. We also don't use an aide solely to add (billable) time to your appointment with ice or stretching - every PelvicSanity appointment is a full 55 minutes with a true, full-time pelvic specialist.  

In order to provide that care, we are unable to go in-network with any insurance company, who would force us to only see patients for 20 minutes each session.  We aren't willing to compromise patient care, so our services are covered under your out-of-network physical therapy benefits.

This also helps our patients by cutting down on the number of visits each week.  Instead of asking our patients to come in 3 times a week to get an hour of treatment, we do that in a single session. Less time in the car and waiting rooms, fewer co-pays, and better results.

"I tried four different physical therapists in an effort to use my in-network insurance. They were basically a waste of time; [I needed] an expert in the field."

70% of our patients saw other PTs without meeting their goals before they found PelvicSanity

Benefits of Being Out-of-Network 

We work for our patients, not for an insurance company

At PelvicSanity, you know that your care is dictated by what is best for you, not by what is best for your insurance company.  


We simply charge honest and transparent prices for our services. As a covered out-of-network provider for all PPO insurance plans (except Medicare), our patients are typically reimbursed at up to 80% of the bill, depending on their insurance benefits.  This reimbursement goes directly to our patients.  In many cases this is less than what you would be paying in-network for co-pays and co-insurance. 


At PelvicSanity will never be hit with an unexpected bill or hidden fees - this is what you expect from every other honest business, and we don't believe healthcare should be the exception.

We provide our patients with a detailed superbill receipt that they can submit to their insurance company, who reimburses them directly.  Our patients fill out a simple form and mail it in along with that superbill. Most of our patients with insurance are reimbursed a substantial portion of their appointment, according to their out-of-network benefits​.

Services List


55-minute evaluation and treatment - $185

55-minute treatment session - $165

110-minute extended session - $315

Out of Town Program - Call for Details


55-min private therapeutic massage - $100


Single class - $65

Full series (4 classes) - $200


Customized orthotic insoles - $225


30-min remote consult - $110

55-min remote consult & action plan - $225

In-home or office review - $165/hr


Speaking fees - variable, call for details

Extended and Out-of Town Appointments​

For extended treatment time

Many of our patients travel long distances to seek treatment at PelvicSanity.  In fact, more than 10% of our patients travel more than an hour to reach us, whether from across the state or across the ocean.  For these patients, a longer appointment time can maximize the treatment you receive with your time, so we offer a discounted 2-hour appointment for $315.  This can also be an option to help 'jump-start' your treatment when you first start at PelvicSanity.  Please be aware that extended appointments may be covered differently by your insurance carrier.

For out-of-town visitors, we offer a week-long or two-week long Immersive(TM) program.  These sessions combine manual treatment and education, helping both address symptoms directly and putting together a home treatment plan for when you return.  We've seen patients from 5 different continents and more than 10 US states - learn more here! 

Remote Consultations

Create a unique treatment plan and take action

While we see patients from all over the world at PelvicSanity, we recognize that many who need help do not have a local expert they can work with.  To help those beyond the walls of our clinic, we created the remote consultation program.

A phone or Skype consult can get you on the right path, let you know about other treatment options, and give you an action plan to help restore sanity to your journey.

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