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Looking to learn and grow?

Want more than just a 'PT mill' job?  At PelvicSanity we prioritize our staff - regular mentorship, 1:1 sessions, hour-length appointments and not having your treatment dictated by an insurance company.

What Kind of Career Are You Looking For?

In the insurance-based physical therapy world, practices are encouraged to get as many patients as possible through the doors.  This leads to frustrated, burned-out PTs leaving the profession in record numbers and patients feeling like 'just a number' to a mill clinic.

PelvicSanity was founded on the simple belief we should be providing the best possible care to our patients.  You'll have time (at least an hour) with your patients to actually connect.  We prioritize mentorship so you'll feel confident and not overwhelmed.  Our patients seek us out, so you'll work with motivated, fun clients.  And insurance will never dictate our care.  Basically, getting back to why we went to PT school - to focus on helping people.

If you'd like to join our growing team, read on!  Whether you're a new grad or someone with decades of experience, as long as you're passionate about pelvic health and willing to learn, please reach out with a resume and cover letter to!

Even if you're not 100% ready to make a move, still in school or thinking about relocating....we'd love to connect!

  • Hour-long sessions to connect and care for your patients

  • Reduced documentation time (2-3 min per visit) so you can focus on care

  • Mentorship program featuring monthly and quarterly meetings and instant feedback

  • Calm, spacious environment to treat

  • Incredible team of dedicated pelvic health therapists

  • Annual trips, retreats or events (ie, PelviCon!)

  • Flexible hours

  • Opportunities for growth and leadership in pelvic health

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Positions Available

  • Senior PT - 5+ years in pelvic health, management experience preferred

  • Junior PT - Need a passion for pelvic health.  New grads (or new to pelvic health) welcome to apply!

Do You Share Our Values?


Focus on Care

  • Hour or 2-Hour Sessions

  • All 1:1 with patient

  • Spacious private treatment rooms

  • Not dictated by insurance companies


Great Place to Work

  • Flexible hours (40, 36 or 32 hours for full-time)

  • Overlapping lunch for team connection

  • Reduced documentation time

  • Quarterly team events

  • PelviCon a


Community Reach

  • 50+ community events each year

  • Engagement with local practitioners for multi-disciplinary care

  • Online information and outreach to those beyond our walls


Mentorship & Growth

  • 2-Week Onboarding

  • Monthly Mentorship & Quarterly Deep Dives

  • $1,000 Annual Con-Ed credit + access to $2,500 in Rising Courses


Incredible Patients

  • Motivated, engaged patients

  • Variety of diagnoses - pre- and post-partum, pelvic pain, male pelvic health, orthopedic conditions, and more!

  • Out of Town Program


Leaders in the Field

  • Founded PelviCon, the first-ever conference by and for pelvic PT

  • Created Cozean Screening Protocol

  • Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle, Rising Podcast and Rising Clinical Courses

Are You Looking for More?

If you're looking for more in a job and aren't willing to settle, please reach out!  We're looking for therapists who are passionate about pelvic health, willing to learn and excited to help lead our field!


3,000+ Lives Changed

We've helped more than 3,000 people like you find lasting relief of pelvic health issues at PelvicSanity!


Author of "The IC Solution"

Wrote the award-winning book "The IC Solution" for those dealing with pelvic pain and urinary symptoms

PelvicSanity Out of Town Program

100+ Out of Towners

Patients have visited us for expert care from 25+ states, 20 countries and 6 continents; you won't be our most complex patient.


National Pelvic PT
of the Year

Named the National Pelvic Health Physical Therapy of the Year and 5-Time "Best of OC" Winner for Physical Therapy


Leading the Field

We've educated almost 1,500 other pelvic PTs in our treatment methods and hosted the first ever Pelvic PT conference (PelviCon)

PelvicSanity Communtiy Education.png


We don't want anyone needlessly suffering with pelvic health issues, so we run 50+ community events each year

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