The PelvicSanity Team

Our expert team focuses exclusively on pelvic health to provide true, specialized care.  We've worked with complex patients from all over the world - let us help you find lasting relief! 

The PelvicSanity Team

At PelvicSanity, our entire team is dedicated specifically to helping patients with pelvic health issues.  Our staff have won awards, published books, taught other physical therapists, conducted important research in the field, and - most importantly - helped thousands of patients meet their goals. 


The physical therapists meet weekly, going over patient charts and collaborating to provide the highest-quality patient treatment.  More than 70% of our patients have been to other practitioners before finding success with us - see the PelvicSanity difference today!

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Work with Our Expert Orange County Team

Find the "Why" for Lasting Relief - Beyond just relieving your symptoms; we want to find and treat the underlying "why" for true, lasting relief.


True Pelvic Health Experts - Specializing exclusively in pelvic health, most of our patients have been to multiple practitioners before finding relief here.

Supportive Care - Combining clinical expertise with an empowering environment, we strive to provide the type of support we would want for our own friends and family.

Discover Pelvic Sanity - Recovery is absolutely possible, whether you've been dealing with your symptoms for two weeks or two decades.

"If you are looking for answers, you've come to the right place. After just a few treatments, I have finally gotten relief of symptoms that flew under the radar of my urologist and MDs for over 10 years!!"

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We can answer your detailed questions, and if we're not a great fit for you, we can provide resources and recommendations for treatment options.

Our Pelvic Health Team

Dr. Elizabeth Nakamura

Physical Therapist

Dr. Elizabeth Nakamuru is passionate about helping her patients regain the lives they want.  

Board-certified in orthopedics (Orthopedic Clinical Specialist), Dr. Elizabeth combines her orthopedic and pelvic health skills to find the 'why' for her patients.

Prior to coming to PelvicSanity, Dr. Elizabeth completed a prestigious, year-long orthopedic residency at Kaiser.  She holds her doctorate from Mt. Saint Mary's.

When she's not working with patients, Dr. Elizabeth loves biking, running and anything outdoors.

Dr. Arianna Robichaux

Physical Therapist

Originally from Louisiana, Dr. Arianna came to PelvicSanity because she wanted to make the biggest difference in the lives of her patients.

With a passion for helping patients find relief of pain, Dr. Arianna combines internal pelvic floor techniques with external orthopedic skills to "find the why" for her patients.

Active in research, Dr. Arianna has critiqued research articles for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

When not working with patients, Dr. Arianna enjoys the California sunshine and being active near the beach.

Michele H.

Massage Therapist

With over 25 years of hands-on experiences working with chronic pain, Michele is dedicated to the art of professional, holistic massage.  She's certified in multiple therapeutic techniques, including deep tissue, structural reorganization, myofascial release, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage.  She also provides pregnancy and post-natal massage.


When she's not in the clinic, Michele enjoys spending time with her two amazing children, hiking, biking, and any other kind of adventure.

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Dr. Nicole Cozean

Founder & Physical Therapist

Dr. Nicole Cozean founded PelvicSanity to provide the kind of care she would want for members of her own family.   She wrote the award-winning book The Interstitial Cystitis Solution and was the first physical therapist to serve on the Interstitial Cystitis Association Board of Directors to help those beyond the walls of her clinic.


Prior to starting PelvicSanity, Nicole began the pelvic health program at Hoag Hospital.  Nicole teaches continuing education courses to other physical therapists.  Among other awards, Nicole was named the 2017 Physical Therapist of the Year (IC Network) and the 2012 Chapman University Alumnae of the Year. 

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Dr. Sharon Thompson

Physical Therapist

Dr. Sharon Thompson combines a strong orthopedic background with a passion for pelvic floor physical therapy.   A former college athlete at UCI, Sharon has a particular passion for helping women overcome pelvic issues to return to sport. 

She has helped teach continuing education classes to other physical therapists and is the author of the e-book Hello Endo: An Intro to Endometriosis.  Sharon also teaches the PelvicSanity Mindfulness classes.

Sharon and her husband Josh live in Orange County, California with their Instagram sensation bulldog, Po. In her free time, Sharon enjoys playing in soccer leagues, travelling, a well-cooked steak, photography and painting. 

Dr. Ellen Meisner

Physical Therapist

Dr. Ellen Meisner comes to PelvicSanity from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  While learning and treating there, she saw some of the most complex patients from around the country who traveled there for treatment.

She moved to California specifically to work at PelvicSanity because she wanted to work in one of the country's premier clinics and provide the highest level of care for patients.

Dr. Ellen has volunteered with the Journal of Women's Health, sharing important research updates with members of the field.  

She enjoys anything active and outdoors and is excited to get used to all the California sunshine!

Our Admin Team

Jesse Cozean, MBA

Research & Admin

Jesse Cozean (husband of Nicole) runs the business operations of the clinic and assists in reviewing and publishing research in the field.  Along with Nicole, he co-authored The Interstitial Cystitis Solution and helped develop the Cozean Pelvic Floor Screening Protocol.

Jesse consults with medical device and pharmaceutical companies, designing clinical trials and gaining regulatory approval for new treatments.  He holds five patents, has published more than ten research articles, and is the author of My Grandfather's War.  Jesse received his degree in Physics from Westmont College and an MBA from WGU.  

Making his home in San Clemente, Jesse enjoys playing tennis, early morning hikes, and a good book.  He volunteers with the East Africa Partnership, where he has led more than 10 trips to Kenya and Tanzania.

Carrie Wyckoff


Carrie has a tremendous heart for our patients as well as for health and fitness.  She loves working with patients to ensure they get the best possible service.  

Prior to working at PelvicSanity, Carrie served as the general manager at two locations of the Old Spaghetti Factory, overseeing the work of nearly 200 employees. She also worked at the San Juan Mission in customer service.

Outside the office, Carrie makes her home in Mission Viejo and enjoys exercising, gardening, camping, and spending time with her family and friends.