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The PelvicSanity Difference

Focusing only on pelvic health, our team provides true, specialized care.  We've worked with the most complex patients from all over the world and thousands in the SoCal area - let us help you find lasting relief! 

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You Deserve Expert Care

There's a wide variety of experience and expertise when it comes to pelvic health. Some PTs will begin treating pelvic health after taking a single weekend course.  Or perhaps only see a few pelvic health patients each week while spending most of their time working on ankles and shoulders.

This often leads to you receiving "one size fits all" treatment, just biofeedback or being told to Kegel.  You might - or might not - see some temporary relief, but no one is getting to the 'why' so symptoms often return.  You can spend weeks doing the same thing without results, get passed off to an aide instead of an expert, and end up thinking 'pelvic PT just didn't work for me.'  In fact, almost 70% of our patients have been to other facilities before finding relief at PelvicSanity.

At PelvicSanity, our entire team specializes exclusively in pelvic health with extensive, specialized training.  Some of the most complex patients from around the world fly in for treatment with our Out-of-Town Program.  You'll know you're in expert hands from the moment you enter the clinic and walk out with a detailed action plan on Day 1.

In practice this means your treatment is tailored specifically to you.  We'll not only resolve your symptoms, but 'find the why' for lasting relief.  You'll have a full pelvic floor and orthopedic assessment so we see the full picture and get you back to doing what you love with confidence.  Give us a call to discover pelvic sanity!

"I have tried other pelvic PT places and I choose to go to Pelvic Sanity because I feel they are the true experts...I am no longer in daily pain and am so thankful for everyone at Pelvic Sanity"

Other places just wanted to do some biofeedback and send me on my way.  Which I found out could actually worsen my condition!


At PelvicSanity I get a full hour with the doctor and she targets every possible angle causing my symptoms.  Stop suffering and let them help you! - Melissa T.

The PelvicSanity Difference
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PelvicSanity Google Reviews.png

10 Reasons to Choose PelvicSanity For Your Pelvic Health Care

There's a wide range of experience and expertise when it comes to pelvic health.  More than 70% of our patients have been to other pelvic health facilities before finding relief here at PelvicSanity.  We don't want anyone saying "pelvic PT didn't work for me" or turning to a lifetime of medications or unnecessary surgery.

1.  You Deserve a True Specialist


Pelvic health issues are complex and you need expert care.  At PelvicSanity, you'll work with a specialist who has dedicated their career solely to pelvic health.  It's all we do.  You'll never see someone 'dabbling' part-time in pelvic health or who has taken only a single weekend course.

2.  You'll Never Be Shuffled Off to an Aide


We believe hour-long, 1:1 sessions with a specialist are the gold standard of pelvic health.  You'll always be seen for a full session, and never shuffled off to an 'aide', double-booked, watched as you exercise or just hooked to a machine.​  We want you to get the most out of each and every session.

3.  Discover Your 'Why' For Lasting Relief​


It's not enough to treat symptoms for temporary help.  We want to help you find lasting relief by discovering the root cause of symptoms, so they won't continue to come back.  You'll work through the 4 Phases of Treatment at PelvicSanity, and not settle for 'chasing your symptoms.'

4.  You Need More than 'Just Kegel'​

In fact, you often need the exact opposite!  We'll look head-to-toe and beyond just the pelvic floor to understand the entire system.  You will never have only the pelvic floor treated or just have you lay back and do 'Kegel' exercises that can make things worse.

5.  You'll Never be Just Hooked to a Machine

At PelvicSanity, you'll never just have stare at the ceiling, have a probe inserted and be asked to squeeze.  Instead of antiquated biofeedback, we'll be working with you hands-on, getting you up off the table, and using a variety of pelvic, orthopedic, visceral, craniosacral and other techniques for optimal results.

6.  You'll Work with the Same PT Each Time

Pelvic health is a private and intimate area.  We'll never bounce you around to different staff members, make you tell your story again and again or feel like you're 'starting over' with someone new each time.  You'll work with your primary therapist throughout your treatment so they can understand your body, know your history and help you complete your plan for lasting results.

7.  Facility Designed for Pelvic Health

From ample parking to quiet, private treatment rooms, our facility works exclusively with patients like you.  You won't be hearing high school kids grunting as they exercise right outside your door, struggle with parking or have to enter a hospital facility for each visit. 

8.  World-Renowned, Award-Winning Care​

We work with the most complex patients who fly in from care from all over the world.  We've helped more than 100 out-of-town patients from 25+ US States, 20+ countries and six continents.  We use the experience from those cases to provide incredible care in Orange County and we've seen cases like yours. 

We've been named 'Best of Orange County' five years in a row and National Pelvic PT of the Year (2017).  We've trained more than 1,500 other pelvic PTs in our state-of-the-art techniques.  You'll be in good hands here!

9.  Speak with a Actual Human

In today's medical world, getting a simple answer or scheduling an appointment seems like a chore.  At PelvicSanity you'll always talk directly with a real-life human who understands pelvic health and can answer any questions.  No waiting on hold, no automated answering service and no wasted time.​  Just the compassionate team at PelvicSanity waiting to hear from you.

10.  Build Resilience and Confidence In Your Body​

You deserve to get back to what you love, confident in your pelvic health.  We won't stop at just treating your immediate symptoms or getting you 'good enough', we want you confident and resilient in your body and never worrying about your pelvic health issues again!

In fact, we might just get you able to do something you had given up on or didn't think was possible!


"Pelvic Sanity is the only PT that was able to properly identify all my issues and help me begin a life back to pain free living; life changing!"

Questions? That's totally normal!  Give us a call during business hours or fill out our contact form and our knowledgeable staff will be in touch within a business day (or sooner)!


You'll always talk to a real human who can answer your questions, not sit on hold with an automated system, and get the answers you need to start feeling better!

Be Confident In Your Choice of Provider

We know what a big decision it is when choosing who to trust with your health.  We want you feeling confident you're working with a world-renowned team.
Have any questions about your specific case? Our doctors have seen just about everything.  Give us a call or send us a message and a team member can answer any questions and make sure you're in the right place!


3,000+ Lives Changed

We've helped more than 3,000 people like you find lasting relief of pelvic health issues at PelvicSanity!


Author of "The IC Solution"

Wrote the award-winning book "The IC Solution" for those dealing with pelvic pain and urinary symptoms

PelvicSanity Out of Town Program

100+ Out of Towners

Patients have visited us for expert care from 25+ states, 20 countries and 6 continents; you won't be our most complex patient.


National Pelvic PT
of the Year

Named the National Pelvic Health Physical Therapy of the Year and 5-Time "Best of OC" Winner for Physical Therapy


Leading the Field

We've educated almost 1,500 other pelvic PTs in our treatment methods and hosted the first ever Pelvic PT conference

PelvicSanity Communtiy Education.png


We don't want anyone needlessly suffering with pelvic health issues, so we run 50+ community events each year

After a lifetime of pelvic issues, I finally found PelvicSanity. I’ve seen more progress in 4 sessions than I’ve seen in 35 years.

It's changed my life and given me the tools to move forward without pain on my own terms."  - Ashley H.

Contact Us

How You Can Work With Us

Working with us is simple, and we can get you started today!  You don't need a prescription or to jump through any hoops.  We'll answer all your questions on your initial call, find a convenient time for your first appointment and get you on the road to healing!


1. Call to Schedule

Talk with a real human, get your questions answered and find a time for your initial evaluation


2. Build Your Action Plan

At your first visit you'll get a comprehensive evaluation and leave with an action plan

Lasting Pelvic Health Relief - PelvicSanity.png

3. Find Lasting Relief

We'll work with you every step of the way to 'find the way', resolve your symptoms and build resilience for lasting relief

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