Frequently Asked Questions

Our team specializes exclusively in pelvic health, helping patients "find the why" for true, lasting relief.  Common questions are below, or feel free to give our expert team a call!

The PelvicSanity Difference

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Full Length Sessions

Hour-long and hands-on with your pelvic specialist.  No aides, no biofeedback machines, no telling you to 'just Kegel' - the tailored, 1:1 care you deserve.

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Expert Team

Specializing exclusively in pelvic health and treating the most complex patients from all over the world so you can be confident you're getting the best care.

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Find the "Why"

We're not content to just get you feeling better for a day or two.  We want to find the underlying cause of what is going on for true, lasting relief.

What we Treat

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"I had been to other PTs, but they did not have the training or experience to help me. I highly recommend giving yourself a chance and allowing PelvicSanity to help you."

  • Pelvic Pain Conditions

  • Urinary Symptoms

  • Gut & Bowel Health

  • Orthopedic Pelvic Pain

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Pregnancy and Post-Partum Care

  • Core or Pelvic Issues

  • Male Pelvic Health

Wondering if we can help?  Give our team a call for a free, 10-minute consultation to discuss your specific case!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get!  Don't see yours?  Give us a call!

What Makes PelvicSanity Different?

At PelvicSanity we specialize exclusively in pelvic health. Our team works with you not only to alleviate symptoms but also "find the why" for true, lasting relief. We spend a full hour with each of our patients, hands-on and one-on-one to provide the level of care we would want for our own friends and family. Almost 70% of our patients have been to other pelvic PTs prior to working with us, so you'll definitely be in the right hands with our team. We work with complex patients from around the world who travel to PelvicSanity for expert care.

What Can I Expect at My First Visit?

You'll be welcomed by our team as soon as you arrive and you'll head into a private treatment room with your physical therapist. You'll be able to share your story, symptoms and goals without feeling rushed. Your PT will step out and allow you to change into a patient gown and you'll get started with a thorough, head-to-toe evaluation. Finally, we'll also start with treatment on the first day - we want to get you feeling better as soon as possible and see how your body responds to physical therapy. Before you leave your physical therapist will let you know what they have found and come up with a plan to help you find lasting relief together!

Have You Ever Treated Someone Like Me?

No two patients are the same, but we specialize exclusively in pelvic health and have worked with just about every presentation and diagnosis possible. We've had almost 100 Out-of-Town patients fly in for expert treatment when dealing with extremely complex presentations. You'll absolutely be in good hands with our team, and we take pride seeing the big picture to truly 'quarterback' your care.

I've Already Been to Pelvic PT Without Relief. Can You Still Help?

Unfortunately there's a wide variety of experience and expertise when it comes to pelvic physical therapy. More than 70% of our patients have been to other physical therapists before finding relief at PelvicSanity. We tailor treatment to your individual case (instead of just doing the same thing with every patient who comes in). We also search for the underlying "why" instead of chasing your symptoms or providing temporary relief.

It's important to evaluate BOTH the internal and external components of what's going on. Often our patients report they were just given biofeedback or Kegels (only focusing on the pelvic floor) or worked with an orthopedic specialist who wasn't a specialist in internal. It's vital to combine these two aspects to see the whole picture for true, lasting relief.

Can't I "Just Kegel?"

Kegels, or the voluntary squeezing of the pelvic floor muscles, are perhaps the best-known aspect of pelvic health. However, in most cases, the pelvic floor is actually ALREADY too tight and strained. Kegels often make symptoms worse, and never really get to the underlying "why" of what is going on. It's much more important to make sure the entire system is working properly together. Even in cases when the pelvic floor is truly weak (which is rare), we still want to help it work in functional movements. After all, it's not like you were doing 100s of Kegels a day prior to your symptoms starting - everything just worked unconsciously!

Home programs with Kegels or working with a pelvic PT who only has you Kegel (or uses biofeedback) is often ineffective and doesn't identify the root cause for lasting relief.

How Do I Get Started?

Just give our office a call (949-393-1113)! We can answer any questions you have and find a time to get started with one of our pelvic health experts. You don't need a physician prescription or any testing to get started; we'll do our own full evaluation when you arrive. Questions? Let us know!

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"I'm so thankful to have found this place. I appreciate the comprehensive knowledge of my condition and the encouragement to keep working toward my goals."

Work With Us


Call to Schedule

Call to schedule your first visit.  You don't need a physician referral or any testing to begin; we'll do our own thorough evaluation.


Find the 'Why'

We specialize in complex cases.  We will address your symptoms, but also find the underlying 'why' to permanently resolve the issue.


Build your Action Plan

We're with you every step of the way.  We'll develop an action plan to meet your goals and return you to pelvic sanity!

Above all else, we believe in putting the needs of our patients first.  At PelvicSanity, that means full length, 55-minute treatment sessions that are always one-on-one with a pelvic specialist.  Every person is different, so we do not follow a script or simply teach Kegels; instead we tailor treatment to each individual.  We provide a positive, stress-free environment where you can truly find pelvic sanity.  



"I love Pelvic Sanity! They have helped me live pain free.....taught me techniques to manage my pain at home. I don't feel hopeless in pain anymore!"

"I had been to other PTs, but they did not have the training or experience to help me. I highly recommend giving yourself a chance and allowing PelvicSanity to help you."

"Within just a few PT sessions I started feeling better...Finding PelvicSanity has made a huge impact helping me attain a much lower level of pain than I thought possible."