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Find Lasting Relief from Pregnancy Pain

Finally resolve pregnancy pain, including pubic symphysis, low back, wrist, pelvic, or pain with intercourse through expert, specialized pelvic floor physical therapy.

You Don't Have to Suffer with Pain Through
Your Pregnancy Anymore

If you've been dealing with pain during pregnancy (pelvic, low back, wrist, foot, or other) you can often feel dismissed or be told it's 'just a part of pregnancy.  But you don't have to suffer with these pains throughout the rest of your pregnancy, and by addressing them early you can ensure they won't persist into your post-partum period as well!

At PelvicSanity we specialize in helping moms have a comfortable pregnancy, feel prepared for delivery and reduce the risk of post-partum issues.  You don't have to live with pregnancy pain and we can help keep you active and healthy until baby arrives.  

We've helped thousands of pregnant patients from Orange County; we'd love to help you have the best possible pregnancy, delivery and post-partum recovery to feel confident in your body again!


Give us a call - you'll speak with a real human, get your questions answered and we can get you started on your road to pelvic sanity!

"All women should be referred to a pelvic PT after having a child. Very glad I chose PelvicSanity to help with my recovery. You will feel welcome and comfortable here!" - Cassie V.

"If you're pregnant, it's a must to have pelvic physical therapy! I did not have any pain during my pregnancy and was healthy and had lots of energy!" - Niloufar

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How Can We Help Your Pregnancy Pain?

While pain and discomfort in pregnancy is common, it's not normal and not something you have to live with for weeks or months.  Our team can help with pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, 'lightning crotch', pubic symphyisis pain, hip pain, wrist or foot pain.

And dealing with these issues in pregnancy makes sure they don't persist into your post-partum period when you want to be focusing on your time with baby!

Not sure if we can help, or have questions about your specific case?  Our doctors have seen just about everything.  Give us a call or send us a message and a team member can answer any questions and get you started!

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What is Pregnancy Pain?

There's a wide variety of pain or discomfort that can occur in pregnancy.  This can include pelvic pain, pubic symphysis pain, hip or low back pain.  But it can also be things like mid-back pain, foot or wrist pain - all can be helped!

What causes Pregnancy Pain?

So many things contribute to pain and discomfort during pregnancy - changes in your center of gravity, hormonal shifts, increased inflammation and swelling, and the ligaments within your pelvis beginning to relax and stretch, putting strain on your body.  But these pains aren't inevitable and you don't have to just live with them!

What are some other common pregnancy issues PT can help with?  

A qualified pelvic health therapist can help throughout your pregnancy with pain, discomfort, urinary urgency/frequency, urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, swelling in your legs, foot and wrist pain, and more!

How does pelvic physical therapy make delivery easier?  

In order to give birth, the muscles of the pelvic floor have to relax to allow the baby to exit the birth canal.  If you've been dealing with low back, pelvic, or hip pain, those muscles may be overly tight and irritated and have a more difficult time relaxing.  We also teach the best labor positions for your body, perineal massage to prevent tearing, and breathwork to make sure you're as confident as possible heading into your delivery!

What trimester can I come to pelvic PT?

The earlier the better!  If possible, we'd love to work with every pregnant person starting in the first trimester, but we can get started whenever you give us a call.  We've had moms working with us from trying-to-conceive all the way through their delivery, and those who call us a week before desperate to get in before their due date.  Wherever you are, we can help!

If you'd like to learn more or get started, make sure to give us a call or fill out a contact form!  You'll speak with a real human (not an answering machine), get your questions answered, and finally get expert help!

"I felt confident going into labor and delivery after our time together and looking forward to checking back in post-partum!" - Aly K.

Questions?  That's totally normal!  Give our trained staff a call or fill out our contact form - you'll speak with real human who knows about pelvic health and can get you answers!

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Other places just wanted me to do some biofeedback and send me on my way.  Which I found out could actually worsen my condition!" - Melissa T.

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How to Resolve Your Pregnancy Pain

Working with us is simple, and we can get you started today!  You don't need a prescription or to jump through any hoops.  We'll answer all your questions on your initial call, find a convenient time for your first appointment and get you on the road to healing!


1. Call to Schedule

Talk with a real human, get your questions answered and find a time for your initial evaluation


2. Build Your Action Plan

At your first visit you'll get a comprehensive evaluation and leave with an action plan

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3. Find Lasting Relief

We'll work with you every step of the way to 'find the way', resolve your symptoms and build resilience for lasting relief

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You're Not Alone!

We've helped thousands of pregnant patients have more comfortable pregnancies and smoother deliveries!  No matter what you're dealing with, our team can help.

Contact Us

8 Reasons to Choose PelvicSanity For Your Pregnancy Care

There's a wide range of experience and expertise when it comes to pelvic health.  More than 70% of our patients have been to other pelvic health facilities before finding relief here at PelvicSanity.  We don't want anyone saying "pelvic PT didn't work for me" or turning to a lifetime of medications or unnecessary surgery.

1.  You Deserve a True Specialist


Pelvic health issues are complex and you deserve expert care.  At PelvicSanity, you'll work with a specialist who has dedicated their career solely to pelvic health.  We've seen the most complex cases from all over the world.  You'll never see someone 'dabbling' part-time in pelvic health or who has taken a single weekend course.

2.  Get the Most from Your Sessions


We believe hour-long, 1:1 sessions with a specialist are the gold standard.  You'll always be seen for a full session, and never shuffled off to an 'aide', watched as you exercise or just hooked to a machine.​

3.  Discover Your 'Why' For Lasting Relief​


It's not enough to treat symptoms for temporary help.  We want to help you find lasting relief by discovering the root cause of symptoms, so they won't continue to come back.  You'll work through the 4 Phases of Treatment at PelvicSanity, and not just 'chase your symptoms.'

4.  You Need More than 'Just Kegel'​


A whole body approach is necessary for true, lasting relief.  We'll look head-to-toe and beyond just the pelvic floor to understand the entire system.  You will never have only the pelvic floor treated or just have you 'Kegel' (you usually need the exact opposite!).  

5.  Calm Environment for Healing

From ample parking to quiet, private treatment rooms, our facility works exclusively with patients like you.  You won't be hearing high school kids grunting as they exercise right outside the door, struggle with parking or have to enter a hospital facility for each visit. 

6.  World-Renowned Care​


We work with the most complex patients who fly in from care from all over the world.  We've helped more than 100 out-of-town patients from 25+ US States, 20+ countries and six continents.  We use the experience from those cases to provide incredible care in Orange County and we've seen cases like yours. 


7.  Speak with a Actual Human


In today's medical world, getting a simple answer or scheduling an appointment seems like a chore.  At PelvicSanity you'll always talk directly with a real-life human who understands pelvic health and can answer any questions - no waiting on hold, no automated answering service and no wasted time.​

8.  Build Resilience and Confidence In Your Body​

You deserve to get back to what you love, confident in your pelvic health.  We won't stop at just treating your immediate symptoms or getting you 'good enough', we want you confident and resilient in your body and never worrying about your pelvic health again!

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"Pelvic Sanity is the only PT that was able to properly identify all my issues and help me begin a life back to pain free living; life changing!"

Questions? That's totally normal!  Give us a call during business hours or fill out our contact form and our knowledgeable staff will be in touch within a business day (or sooner)!


You'll always talk to a real human who can answer your questions, not sit on hold with an automated system, and get the answers you need to start feeling better!

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