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Postpartum issues are common, but not normal, and not something you have to live with.  No matter how long it's been, you can find lasting relief and feel like 'you' again!

"The only PT able to properly identify all my issues and help me begin a life back to pain free living; life changing!" - Melissa

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5 Things to Know About Postpartum Pelvic PT

We know how challenging birth and the postpartum years can be on the body.  Whether it's peeing a little when you sneeze, dealing with low back pain or just feeling 'not right' down there, these issues can be frustrating, scary or embarrassing.

But no matter how long it's been, you don't have to live with these issues.  Our team at PelvicSanity specializes in helping you find lasting relief of pelvic health issues and get back to feeling like 'you' again.

If you have questions or are dealing with these issues, give us a call - you'll speak with a real human, get your questions answered and we can get you started on your road to pelvic sanity!

And the five things everyone should know about postpartum pelvic PT....


1.  It's not about 'doing your Kegels'


In fact, for most people Kegels are the exact opposite of what they should be doing!  If your pelvic floor is overly tight (which is really common in the postpartum period), they are counterproductive.  And even if you are weak, there are way more functional and effective ways to strengthen!

2.  Pelvic health issues are extremely common, but not normal


Almost 75% of new moms have post-partum complications like low back pain, diastasis recti, incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse, scar tissue (vaginal tears or C-section), or just having a hard time getting back to their favorite activities.  But this isn't normal and it isn't something you have to live with!

3.  It won't just go away

With how hectic postpartum life is, many of us just hope our symptoms go away.  Or we're told to 'just give it time.'  But in general these symptoms don't just disappear, and nothing gets easier to fix the longer you struggle with it!


4.  It doesn't matter how long it's been

We have a saying - 'once postpartum, always postpartum.'  We would love to see patients as early as a few weeks after delivery, but if it's been a few months, a few years or even decades you can still find lasting relief! 

5.  There's a wide variety of experience and expertise with pelvic PTs

Pelvic physical therapy isn't ​one size fits all.  Some places just do biofeedback or tell you to Kegel and send you on your way.  Others 'dabble' in pelvic health, where's it's an add-on instead of a specialty.  Where you choose really matters when it comes to a complex issue like pelvic health!

We know this can feel overwhelming, but that's what we are here for - getting you back to feeling like yourself and finding lasting relief of pelvic health issues.

We want to help you find pelvic sanity again

We understand how challenging pelvic health issues can be.  You may have felt brushed or dismissed by the medical community, or told 'it's just normal'.

That's why we founded PelvicSanity, a true specialty practice.  Our expert team has seen just about everything and will work with you to find lasting relief and get you back to doing what you love.

Whether it's getting back to exercise, chasing your little one around, or just sneezing without fear, let us help!

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"I have tried other pelvic PT places and I choose to go to Pelvic Sanity because I feel they are the true experts...I am no longer in daily pain and am so thankful for everyone at Pelvic Sanity" - Samantha

Questions?  That's totally normal!  Give our trained staff a call or fill out our contact form - you'll speak with real human who knows about pelvic health and can get you answers!

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