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About PelvicSanity

Orange County's premier pelvic physical therapy clinic, PelvicSanity was founded to put patients first and restore sanity for those dealing with complex pelvic symptoms. 

Founded by renowned pelvic expert and author Dr. Nicole Cozean, we are committed to providing the absolute best patient care.  At PelvicSanity, we believe:

1.  Our complex pelvic patients need an hour of hands-on treatment with an experienced specialist for the best results. 

2.  Our patients deserve a positive, stress-free environment where they can heal.

3.  Hands-on manual physical therapy - not biofeedback or Kegel exercises - is the most proven and effective treatment for patients.


4.  Our patients deserve someone who actually listens to their goals, then helps to achieve them.


5.  Patients should see a change - not necessarily a wholesale improvement, but certainly a difference - within the first 3-5 visits at physical therapy.

Stretching for Male Pelvic Health

About our Patients

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in a Spacious Treatment Room

World Renowned Care

At PelvicSanity believe there is always a combination of internal and external factors that contribute to pelvic symptoms.  Instead of just treating the symptoms, we look for the underlying cause - the 'Why' - to make sure progress is sustainable and permanent.  We specialize in complex cases, and ore than 70% of our patients have seen other physical therapists before finding success here. 


The pelvic floor can be the primary cause of symptoms, but they can also originate from the low back, hip alignment, old surgeries or injury, or posture or gait.  We evaluate all these different areas, because 'all roads lead to the pelvis' and you can't treat the pelvic floor in isolation.  Physical therapy often isn't effective when it addresses only the external (orthopedic PTs) or internal (traditional pelvic floor clinics).  

We see patients from all over the world for specialized care.  We've successfully treated patients from Saudi Arabia, India, England, Italy, Australia, and nine different US states.  The clinic has been honored with several prestigious patient awards, including being named the national Physical Therapist of the Year and publishing the IC Book of the Year.

PelvicSanity is one of the few clinics in the country who truly specializes in all aspects of pelvic health.  We strive to provide the best possible care for all our patients, and in anonymous surveys 100% of our patients said they would recommend PelvicSanity to their family or friends with a similar problem.  We treat:

  • All Ages - It's never too early or late to get help for pelvic floor dysfunction.  Many of our patients developed their first symptoms in their teens, while others don't manifest until their eighties.

  • Women and Men - We are one of the few clinics that specialize in both male and female pelvic health; in fact, nearly 30% of our patients are men.

  • Pre- and Post-Natal Care - Proper care can make pregnancy and delivery much more comfortable, and post-natal care can treat common complaints of new mothers like incontinence, diastasis recti, low back pain, and painful intercourse.

  • Orthopedic Pelvic Pain - We commonly treat low back pain, hip/groin pain, and tailbone pain, addressing the pelvic floor component that is missed by traditional orthopedic physical therapy or chiropractors.  

Beyond our Walls

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in a Spacious Treatment Room

We are also committed to helping patients beyond the walls of our own clinic.  Nicole was the first physical therapist to serve on the Board of the Interstitial Cystitis Association, helping raise awareness and research funds. The Interstitial Cystitis Solution has helped thousands of IC patients develop their own, unique treatment plans.  Physical therapists at PelvicSanity have published important research in the field and taught the first continuing education course to other physical therapists in IC for the prestigious Herman & Wallace Institute.

PelvicSanity has founded both an online support group for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as a Facebook group specifically for pelvic floor physical therapists to learn from each other and share vital information.

Our clinic and all of our physical therapists share a passion for the field and helping those in need.  Every physical therapist on staff has been on multiple medical mission trips to provide aid and training in developing countries.

What our Patients are Saying

Within just a few sessions I started feeling better, with many of my IC symptoms beginning to subside.

Interstitial Cystitis

Orange County, CA

Amazing pelvic floor physical therapist.  I have recommended PelvicSanity to so many friends...I had my condition for 10 years, and now I have reached my goals!

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Orange County, CA

I'm so glad I found Sharon today...I don't think I've been in so much pain except when I had my daughter!

Hip Pain

Las Vegas, NV

I love PelvicSanity!  They have helped me live pain free...I don't feel hopeless in pain anymore!

Purdendal Neuralgia

Tustin, CA

Truly amazing...she made me feel at ease with her knowledge, professionalism, and treatment plan.  I feel hopeful for the first time in years that someone will finally be able to help me!


Newport Beach, CA

Nicole gave me my life back! I'm so grateful to have come across her knowledge and practice. Other doctors just didn't know what to do with me. Nicole did. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking help with Pelvic Floor issues and more.

Pelvic Pain

Winchester, CA

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