Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy For Abdominal Adhesions

Abdominal adhesions can cause pain and dysfunction - pelvic physical therapy works with the abdominal scars to restore normal, pain-free tissue!

Many surgeries leave abdominal scars.  These abdominal scars can - if they aren't mobilized during surgery recovery - cause abdominal adhesions where they actually 'stick' to the tissue below.  

Abdominal adhesions cause pain and restrict movement, often leading to abdominal and pelvic dysfunction.  We work on scar tissue, no matter how long it's been, to treat adhesions, release painful trigger points and restore normal movement. 


Common causes of abdominal adhesions that we can treat (or prevent!) include:

✅ C-Section

✅ Hysterectomy

✅ Episiotomy

✅ Appendectomy

✅ Endo Surgery

✅ Prostatectomy

✅ Tummy Tuck Surgery

✅ Prolapse/Bladder

Pelvic Physical Therapy for Abdominal Adhesions

How Does Physical Therapy Treat Abdominal Scars and Adhesions?​

Physical therapy directly addresses abdominal adhesions with manual techniques to mobilize and treat the scar and the surrounding fascia.  It restores blood flow to the injured area and allows the skin to glide smoothly over the abdomen.  We want any surgical scar tissue to look and feel almost identical to the skin around it!

These adhesions can generate pain on their own or restrict movement in the abdomen and pelvis to cause dysfunction.  No matter how long it's been since a surgical scar or injury, pelvic PT can help treat scar tissue and restore normal motion.

Why are Scar Adhesions such an Issue Following Surgery?

Partly because patients don't generally get physical therapy to prevent scar adhesions after surgery!  In every other part of the body we routinely recommend post-surgical physical therapy to ensure healing is taking place, but generally not with abdominal or pelvic surgeries.

More than half of all surgeries lead to these adhesions, reducing blood flow, causing painful trigger points and causing additional post-surgical symptoms.

How Soon Can we Work Together After Surgery?

It completely depends on the patient and the surgery type.  We start working with some patients even before surgery, getting their body ready for the procedure.  We'll then start working again just a few days later (of course, not directly on the surgical scar until it is healed), but in the area to reduce inflammation and restore movement.


In other cases, we see patients years after their surgeries and with significant scar tissue adhesion.  No matter how long it's been, our team can help!


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