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Our physical therapists will listen to your case, offering practical, positive information and helping to build a customized action plan for you going forward.

Remote Consultations

Access to world-renowned experts

There's a wide range of experience and expertise in pelvic health.  Unfortunately, many patients don't have access to expert care locally.  You may have been to multiple local doctors, physical therapists, or other practitioners without success.  You may feel dismissed, have been told your symptoms are 'all in your head', or have reached a plateau where you just can't seem to get any better.  You may have been told your doctor has no other options, and you'll just have to live with your symptoms. 


You're not alone; thousands of people who have dealt with chronic pelvic pain or dysfunction now live happy, healthy lives - and so can you!

We offer remote consultations to provide patients beyond the walls of our clinic access to personalized, expert advice.  We listen to your full case history - for many, it's the first time they've ever been able to tell their whole story to a medical practitioner.  We then work with you to create an action plan going forward.  That can include ideas on self-care, other treatment options to try, questions to ask your physician, and an overall better understanding of your condition and symptoms. 

The cost of the remote consultation is $225, including the hour phone call and follow-up email summary and action plan.  We also work with patients in-person who travel to us for our Immersive Out-of-Town program.

"I can’t recommend the remote consultation highly enough especially if you live far away and suffer in silence ... help is available and so is hope that you’ll will get better and you don’t have to suffer anymore!"

Remote Consultations

Look at the Big Picture - Often patients feel like none of their practitioners are seeing the big picture (just their own little pieces).  We look at your entire case to help you decide what will be most valuable for you.

Find the "Why" for Lasting Relief - We look beyond just your symptoms to help you understanding the underlying "why" of what is going on and how to heal.


True Pelvic Health Experts - Our team specializes exclusively in pelvic health and has seen the most complex patients from all over the world.

Discover Pelvic Sanity - Recovery is absolutely possible, whether you've been dealing with your symptoms for two weeks or two decades.

"The remote consultation is absolutely worth doing for anyone with more questions than answers about what is going on in their body and how to proceed. A much needed discussion with plans and hope that has been otherwise tough to come by. Absolutely worth doing!!"

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We'll work with you to find a time that works with your schedule; we aim to find something for you within 2-3 weeks when possible.  We'll send you paperwork to fill out that will guide your conversation.

Remote Consultation

We'll start by walking through your goals for the call, so we can make sure they are met.  We ask about your medical history, and work together to develop an action plan going forward.

Action Plan

After the call, you'll have a better understanding of your symptoms and an action plan going forward.  This may include self-care techniques and a plan to work with your local practitioners to get the best possible care.  


"I can’t recommend the remote consultation highly enough especially if you live far away and suffer in silence ... help is available and so is hope that you’ll will get better and you don’t have to suffer anymore!"

"As an out of town patient I came to PelvicSanity for what was an amazingly healing week. I left filled with hope and real tools for better health. I cannot say enough about the care I received."

"Don't suffer in disparity if you are not making the gains you think you should, reach out and be your own best advocate, there is help and hope out there! Start with Dr. Nicole and her team, I have a plan of action, I am hopeful it works!"  


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