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Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS

Founder of PelvicSanity Physical Therapy

Dr. Nicole founded PelvicSanity in Southern California to provide the kind of expert care she would want for her own friends and family.

The belief in putting patients first is at the core of what PelvicSanity does.  This includes: 


  • "Finding the Why" for true, lasting relief

  • Full-length treatment sessions

  • Both internal and external treatment for a whole-body approach

  • A positive, stress-free environment

  • Seeing the big picture to ensure you receive complete, holistic care


Within just a few years PelvicSanity gained an international reputation, with patients travelling from all over the world for expert treatment (including 6 continents, 20 countries and 25+ US States).

Nicole now spends much of her time training and mentoring her dedicated staff, enabling far more people to receive expert care at PelvicSanity.

Among other awards, Dr. Nicole was named 2017 Physical Therapist of the Year (ICN) and 2012 Chapman University Alumnae of the Year.

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Changing the Way Pelvic Health is Practiced Around the World

Believing that everyone deserves access to better pelvic health care, Dr. Nicole also works to educate other pelvic PTs and medical professionals.

Pelvic PT Huddle

Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle, Nicole mentors and trains more than 6,000 other pelvic PTs from around the world.  She teaches weekly lessons on all aspects of physical therapy to enable patients to receive better care.

Pelvic PT Rising Courses

Recognizing the huge need for better training, Dr. Nicole has created several continuing education courses for physical therapists.  These include:

So far, more than 600 pelvic PTs have gone through her training.

Pelvic PT Rising Business Mentorship

Realizing how important it is for more pelvic PTs to start their own practice and provide the highest-quality care, Dr. Nicole and her husband Jesse also mentor other pelvic PTs in running a successful business.

They've helped more than 50 other clinicians open their own practice and provide amazing patient care.

Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

Nicole and Jesse also host the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast, featuring both clinical and business information for pelvic PTs, celebrating more than 100 episodes recorded.

Nicole Cozean, Treating the Pelvic Floor

Personal Life

Dr. Nicole makes her home in Orange County, CA with her husband (and PelvicSanity cofounder) Jesse.

Nicole heads the Medical Program of the East Africa Partnership, a charitable organization that has opened and operates more than 40 medical dispensaries in rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  She has led multiple medical mission trips and lectured extensively on physical therapy throughout East Africa. 

Nicole also officiates NCAA women’s college basketball and loves spending time at the beach, with her cats and with a glass of good wine (though not all at the same time).

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Helping Patients Beyond Our Walls

Nicole has always been passionate about helping those who aren't able to receive in-person treatment.  She has created a variety of resources for patients to find lasting relief, wherever they live.

Author of the IC Solution

Author of the ward-winning and best-selling book The IC Solution, Nicole has a particular passion for helping those with chronic pelvic pain.


She was the first physical therapist to serve on the Board of Directors of the ICA and was named Physical Therapist of the Year (2017) by the ICN.


Creator of the Finding Pelvic Sanity support group


Dr. Nicole created the Finding Pelvic Sanity online support group to help patients realize they aren't alone and access positive, practical information to help with healing.


Online Patient Courses


Recognizing the need for reliable information, Dr. Nicole has also created a series of online courses for patients with pelvic health issues.  These include IC: Roadmap to Healing, the first patient-focused IC course, and foundational courses on Movement and Sleep for Pelvic Health

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Research, Publications and Education


Nicole received her doctorate in physical therapy from Chapman University and holds an undergraduate degree in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego. She completed a Fellowship in urogyenocological physical therapy at UCI and has received more than 300 hours of pelvic health continuing education.  


In addition to writing The IC Solution, Dr. Nicole has published several research articles.

She is the creator of the Cozean Screening Protocol, one of the first tools to assess whether a patient has pelvic floor dysfunction without an exam.  

Her research has also included the prevalence of different symptoms (bowel issues, sexual dysfunction, orthopedic pain) accompanying pelvic floor dysfunction, a clinical study with IC patients, and a study of the use of Kegels.

Dr. Nicole has also written extensively for the ICA Update, providing evidence-based information to IC patients.

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