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Find Lasting Relief from IC

"Thousands of people diagnosed with IC live happy, healthy lives - and so can you."

Work with Dr. Nicole

IC: Roadmap to Recovery

This online course from Dr. Nicole Cozean is truly a roadmap for anyone with IC.  Understand the condition, develop an action plan and take steps towards lasting relief.

Lasting Relief is Possible!

We've worked with thousands of local patients and those from all over the world to find true, lasting relief from interstitial cystitis and other pelvic pain conditions.


Not able to work with us locally?  We'd love to help!

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IC Roadmap Course

The online, patient-focused course from Dr. Nicole.  Contains more than 6 hours of expert information on the condition we believe all patients deserve to know!


The IC Solution

The comprehensive and award-winning book on the condition.  Find it here on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Sound Familiar?

  • My doctor only spent 10 minutes with me and doesn't really seem to understand IC

  • I had multiple rounds of antibiotics but I still have these symptoms

  • They just told me about the 'IC Diet' and said I would just have to live with this

  • There are so many different recommendations online I don't know where to start

  • I'm afraid I'm going to have to live with this pain forever

You're not alone!  IC is a challenging diagnosis, but thousands of patients live healthy, pain-free lives...and so can you.
"So thankful for your positive outlook!  We can survive this and live a hopeful, healthy and pain-free life!"

The comprehensive guide to finding your medical team, self-care techniques, working with a pelvic physical therapist, the truth about the "IC Diet" and more.

This is the information we wish every patient with IC knew!  

"I learned more from this course than I had in years of doctor visits and online groups.  I feel so much more confidence now, like I have a plan going forward!"

The IC Solution

"The best book on IC in 20 years!" - JIll Osborne, IC Network

Written by Physical Therapist of the Year and leading IC expert, Dr. Nicole Cozean, The Interstitial Cystitis Solution is the comprehensive guide to healing with IC.  While the process is a journey, thousands of people with interstitial cystitis live healthy, happy lives - and so can you!

Filled with practical, positive information about the complex condition, The Interstitial Cystitis Solution is a guidebook on the healing journey.  The book focuses on helping patients create their own holistic treatment plan for lasting relief. 

Learn about all your options, how to create a multi-disciplinary team, and what you can do for self-care to reduce your symptoms.

If you'd like to work directly with Dr. Nicole's team, there are a few ways we can help:

  • Online patient support group - Finding Pelvic Sanity is a support group run by Dr. Nicole with practical, positive information.

  • Remote consult - If you need more insight into your individual case, Dr. Nicole schedules remote consultations to give you more clarity and develop an action plan going forward

  • Immersive Out-of-Town Program - For those able to travel to southern California, you can work with our team to reduce your symptoms and build a self-care program to maintain those gains when returning home - we've worked with more than 70 patients from 6 continents, 15+ countries, and more than 20 states.


IC Solution Resources

  • Symptom Log - Used to help track your progress and determine what is affecting your symptoms.

  • Bladder Diary - Tracks urgency and frequency of urination, and a valuable tool for doctors in diagnosing IC.

  • AUA Guidelines for IC - The American Urological Association (AUA) created a list to guide doctors in their treatment of IC patients. This one-page summary gives the treatment options evaluated by the AUA and the order in which they are recommended to be tried.

  • Self-Care Checklist - A valuable resource for patients to track their daily routine and help build positive habits.

  • Stretching Routine - A brief, 10-minute stretching routine that can alleviate IC symptoms.

  • Flare-Busting Plan - Use this sheet to create your own personal flare-busting plan, so when symptoms do flare you know exactly what to do.

  • Remote Consultation - Need to speak with an expert to help guide your treatment?  Schedule a remote consultation today!

  • Find a Practitioner - This article helps you find a qualified pelvic floor physical therapist.  


"I love Pelvic Sanity! They have helped me live pain free.....taught me techniques to manage my pain at home. I don't feel hopeless in pain anymore!"

"I had been to other PTs, but they did not have the training or experience to help me. I highly recommend giving yourself a chance and allowing PelvicSanity to help you."

"Within just a few PT sessions I started feeling better...Finding PelvicSanity has made a huge impact helping me attain a much lower level of pain than I thought possible."

The IC Solution Reviews




Jill Osborne, Founder of the IC Network

"The best book on IC in the last twenty years!"

Dr. Robert Echenberg, Founder of the Echenberg Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Pain

"A treasure for the millions suffering with IC."

Dr. Robert Moldwin, ICA Board Member and author The IC Survival Guide

"Of benefit to every person who suffers from IC/BPS...optimistic and empowering!


Lee Claassen, Former Executive Director, Interstitial Cystitis Association

"An excellent, easy-to-read, and comprehensive must-have reference for those with IC."


Dr. Mary Ruth Velicki, author of Healing Through Chronic Pain

"This book is a guidebook for the healing journey, and Dr. Nicole is the ultimate guide."

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