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IC Solution Resources

  • Symptom Log - Used to help track your progress and determine what is affecting your symptoms.

  • Bladder Diary - Tracks urgency and frequency of urination, and a valuable tool for doctors in diagnosing IC.

  • AUA Guidelines for IC - The American Urological Association (AUA) created a list to guide doctors in their treatment of IC patients. This one-page summary gives the treatment options evaluated by the AUA and the order in which they are recommended to be tried.

  • Self-Care Checklist - A valuable resource for patients to track their daily routine and help build positive habits.

  • Stretching Routine - A brief, 10-minute stretching routine that can alleviate IC symptoms.

  • Flare-Busting Plan - Use this sheet to create your own personal flare-busting plan, so when symptoms do flare you know exactly what to do.

  • Remote Consultation - Need to speak with an expert to help guide your treatment?  Schedule a remote consultation today!

  • Find a Practitioner - This article helps you find a qualified pelvic floor physical therapist.  

The IC Solution Reviews




Jill Osborne, Founder of the IC Network

"The best book on IC in the last twenty years!"

Dr. Robert Echenberg, Founder of the Echenberg Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Pain

"A treasure for the millions suffering with IC."

Dr. Robert Moldwin, ICA Board Member and author The IC Survival Guide

"Of benefit to every person who suffers from IC/BPS...optimistic and empowering!


Lee Claassen, Former Executive Director, Interstitial Cystitis Association

"An excellent, easy-to-read, and comprehensive must-have reference for those with IC."


Dr. Mary Ruth Velicki, author of Healing Through Chronic Pain

"This book is a guidebook for the healing journey, and Dr. Nicole is the ultimate guide."

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