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Does everyone need pelvic floor physical therapy after a baby?

In short, our answer is ‘yes’. With all of the physical challenges of pregnancy, delivery and the early post-partum period, we believe everyone should get pelvic floor physical therapy. But let’s dive into why that is!

First, let’s recognize in America we are significantly behind the rest of the world with this. In many places in the developed world pelvic floor physical therapy is automatically prescribed to every single person after having a baby.

Finding Pelvic Sanity Podcast: Does everyone need pelvic floor physical therapy after a baby?

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Here’s why Pelvic PT after having a baby is so important:

1. Pregnancy is nine months of body changes. Things seem like they’re changing every day. You move differently. Your center of balance changes. You’re likely dealing with some discomfort or pain (especially if you aren’t going to a pelvic PT during pregnancy). You have increased demand on your pelvic floor for nine months. These are massive changes to the body!

2. Delivery (no matter how you delivered) is a major trauma. Giving birth vaginally is a marathon event. The body is taxed to it’s outer limits - and beyond - for anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days. And a C-Section is a major surgery!

3. Postpartum has it’s own challenges. Once baby is here, your daily life changes overnight. You’re lifting and carrying. You’re holding the baby to your chest to breastfeed. You are hoisting car seats and carriers. This often creates issues not just in the pelvic floor but in your back, hands, feet or other areas.

The vast majority of people who delivery a baby have post-partum issues like:

  • Low back pain (77%)

  • Incontinence (50%)

  • Diastasis recti (50%)

  • Prolapse (30-40%)

  • Painful Intercourse (40%)

  • C-Section Scar Healing (25-30%)

  • General Pelvic Pain (10-20%)

Like anything else, these symptoms don’t get easier to treat the longer they are ignored. We want to make sure we’re able to resolve these before they get worse or start impacting other areas.

No matter how long it’s been since your delivery, pelvic floor physical therapy can help. You don’t have to live with post-partum issues or feel disconnected from your body!

Finding Pelvic Sanity Podcast: Does everyone need pelvic floor physical therapy after a baby?

As Nicole said in the full 'sode of the podcast on this topic...

"No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late. Don’t settle for postpartum symptoms, and encourage others to get help during pregnancy and postpartum.." -Nicole Cozean, Pelvic Sanity

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Who are we at PelvicSanity?

At PelvicSanity, it's our mission to support patients with pelvic pain and pelvic floor symptoms, regardless of where you live. We can help with:

- In-person treatment for those in Southern California at the PelvicSanity clinic

- Immersive Out-of-Town program for those able to travel

- Remote Consultations to get you expert 1:1 help, advice and an action plan

- Online patient courses on Interstitial Cystitis and Movement for Pelvic Health

- A Facebook support group for patients called Finding Pelvic Sanity.


Nicole Cozean

Dr. Nicole Cozean is the founder of PelvicSanity Physical Therapy in Orange County, CA. PelvicSanity treats patients from all over the world with remote consultations and the Immersive Out of Town Program. She also runs Pelvic PT Rising, training other pelvic PTs to better serve patients.

Named Physical Therapist of the Year, Dr. Nicole is author of the award-winning book The Interstitial Cystitis Solution and the first PT to serve on the ICA Board of Directors, Her passion is helping those with pelvic health issues - regardless of where they live - find lasting relief.

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