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Healthy Mothers Program

Pelvic PT Makes Pregnancy and Delivery More Comfortable


Pelvic floor physical therapy can significant benefit mothers, making pregnancy easier and smoothing the delivery process.  Physical therapy can make pregnancy more comfortable, reduce low back or pelvic pain, find the optimal birth position(s), reduce the risk of tearing during delivery, and prevent common post-natal issues! 


At PelvicSanity, we've developed a 5-visit program for mothers that brings them through pregnancy and into the post-natal period.  The program starts around the 24-week mark, and finishes with a visit 6 weeks after delivery.

"My life has truly been changed since my first treatment at PelvicSanity. I have been taken care of in the most kind, professional, and beneficial manner.  I never knew I could feel this great!"


The Healthy Mothers program walks you through the major steps of your pregnancy, from week 24 through delivery.

  • Visit 1: 24 Weeks.  This visit focuses on a complete initial evaluation and education about the changes you can expect through the pregnancy. 

  • Visit 2: ~28 Weeks.  This visit can take place anytime after the first appointment.  It focuses on posture, exercises, and other techniques to prevent discomfort (like low back pain or pelvic pain) during pregnancy.  This visit can also include advice for safely continuing exercise through pregnancy.

  • Visit 3: ~32 Weeks.  At the third visit, you (and your significant other, if possible) will learn perineal massage, which may reduce the risk and/or severity of tears during delivery.  This visit will also include information on GI health during pregnancy and additional follow-up on pregnancy and preventing discomfort.

  • Visit 4: 36 Weeks.  Typically about 4 weeks before delivery, this final pregnancy visit focuses on finding the position which most relaxes the pelvic floor for delivery.  Even small variations in positioning can make a big difference in how much your pelvic floor can relax, resulting in a smoother delivery.

  • Visit 5: 6 Weeks Post-Natal.  In this final visit, your physical therapist will check for common (but not normal!) post-natal symptoms like low back pain, incontinence, diastasis recti, painful intercourse, scar adhesions, and prolapse.  This visit, which is required for new mothers in many developed countries, will help you return to normal activities, teach proper posture for lifting and carrying with a child, and ensure the pelvic floor is recovering properly following delivery (even for C-sections!).  

We also have the option to add in additional pregnancy massage visits to further alleviate any discomfort, or focusing on exercise through pregnancy and returning safely following delivery.



The second I walk through the door at Pelvic Sanity, I instantly feel better. The environment is wonderfully calming, and I know I'm always in good hands.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Post-Natal Health

The entire core needs to learn to work together again following the rigors of pregnancy and delivery.

From our Patients


Pelvic Pain

"I love PelvicSanity!  They have helped me live pain-free, and taught me techniques to manage my pain at home.  I don't feel hopeless in pain anymore!"


Pelvic Pain

"I'm so thankful to have found this place. I appreciate the comprehensive knowledge of my condition and the encouragement to keep working toward my goals."


Pelvic Pain

"The excellent and precise treatment I have received has shifted me from a plateau where I was still very disabled, despite nearly three years of varied treatments, to feeling nearly pain-free for a full two weeks. I had given up hope that I would ever experience anything more than a temporary respite from intractable pain. I am extremely grateful."

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