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Our physical therapists specialize in treating incontinence, urinary urgency/frequency, diastasis recti, and other common post-natal symptoms. 

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I had been told by my OB leaking was normal.  My first pelvic PT just had me doing Kegels on a table.  PelvicSanity actually helped me get up, moving, and back to Crossfit and playing with my kids without worry!

​Let our specialists help: 

  • Stop leaking with laughing, coughing, exercise or any other time

  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor so you can safely return to exercise

  • Help you strengthen - without Kegels!!

  • Alleviate other issues like diastasis recti, low back pain or painful intercourse

  • Build a solid foundation for your pelvic health!

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Lasting Relief of Incontinence

Let us help you naturally and permanently resolve incontinence issues

What is Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is ANY involuntary loss of urine.  This can occur during exercise or stress on the body (coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc.) or with an overwhelming urge to go.  While incontinence is common - occurring in almost half of women - it's definitely not normal and not something you have to live with.   

Why Does Incontinence Happen?

Incontinence occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor are unable to do their job and hold back urine.  Many people think this is because they are too weak - in fact, it can actually be the exact opposite! 

Can't I "Just Kegel" to Resolve It?

No!  While most people have heard of a "Kegel" (the voluntary contraction of the pelvic floor), this is not how the pelvic floor works! After all, you weren't walking around squeezing your pelvic muscles before - this is something that we need to retrain to occur naturally, without you thinking about it.  And if the pelvic floor is already overly tight, Kegels are just making everything worse!

Physical Therapy for Incontinence

You don't need surgery, medication or to wear black pants for the rest of your life!  Pelvic physical therapy is the most proven treatment for urinary incontinence, and you should be noticing a big difference in just a few visits.  We want to make sure we find the underlying 'why' for lasting relief and good pelvic health for the rest of your life!

Our pelvic health specialists will also check for other common post-natal issues, including diastsis recti, low back pain, painful intercourse, or pelvic pain at your initial evaluation.  

No matter how long it's been, we can help you resolve incontinence issues.   We'd love to work with you to get you back to your normal activities, exercise, laughing, and even sneezing without worrying!

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Find the 'Why'

We specialize in complex cases.  We will address your symptoms, but also find the underlying 'why' to permanently resolve the issue.

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We're with you every step of the way.  We'll develop an action plan to meet your goals and return you to pelvic sanity!


"Very satisfying experience!! I loved going to PelvicSanity,  which helped me a lot after my postpartum....kind, friendly and very knowledgeable!"

"I had been to other PTs, but they did not have the training or experience to help me. I highly recommend giving yourself a chance and allowing PelvicSanity to help you."

"Within just a few PT sessions I started feeling better...Finding PelvicSanity has made a huge impact helping me attain a much lower level of pain than I thought possible."

Above all else, we believe in putting the needs of our patients first.  At PelvicSanity, that means full length, 55-minute treatment sessions that are always one-on-one with a pelvic specialist.  Every person is different, so we do not follow a script or simply teach Kegels; instead we tailor treatment to each individual.  We provide a positive, stress-free environment where you can truly find pelvic sanity.