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Orange County Practitioners and Resources for Moms

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At PelvicSanity we believe mothers deserve support both during and after pregnancy.  We're blessed to work with an amazing group of local practitioners here in Orange County, and want to make sure you're able to find the care you need!

Orange County Doulas, Pregnancy Classes & Lactation Consultants

Doulas, Pregnacy Classes & Lactation

Staci Berrey

Labor of Love

Birth & Postpartum


Orange County, CA

(562) 260-0636

Labor of Love was born out of the desire to change the cultural birth narrative for ALL birthing families. Our goal is liberate the inner barriers that hold us back from feeling, experiencing and achieving a fulfilling birth and postpartum experience.


We do this through childbirth & breastfeeding education, birth doula & postpartum doula support and lactation services.

Staci Berrey.jpg

Marlee & Megan Malone-Franklin

Hero Birth Services

Orange County, CA

(714) 681-2445

We are a wife-and-wife doula team and we love supporting families! We love serving families of all kinds, and we have a special place in our hearts for members of the LGBTQ+ community, those with complicated medical situations, and families who have experienced infertility and loss.


We offer childbirth classes, birth doula support, postpartum doula support, lactation counseling, gentle sleep consulting, and bereavement doula support. We love working with parents who are looking for partners along their parenting journey!

Marlee and Megan Malone-Franklin.png

Nicole Green

The Birth School

Orange County, CA

(714) 609-8106

Childbirth preparation classes for anyone having a baby anywhere. Learn about birth options, pain coping techniques, working with your care team, breastfeeding and so much more. You’ll also get to find out how to tap into the resources you have within yourself as your birth unfolds.

Nicole Green Head Shot - Nicole

Jessica Roush

Raising Rosebuds Postpartum Doula

Orange County, CA

(949) 400-2119

In-home physical and emotional support for those in the postpartum period. "An extra set of hands" for those who are navigating life with a new addition. Services include: newborn care and comfort education, light meal prep, help with siblings, care for newborn while parents take time to themselves, and much more!

Jessica - Jessica Roush.jpg

Christy Gochez

Babylove Orange County Doulas

Orange County, CA

(949) 690-4606

We offer birthing classes in The Bradley Method, CPR Classes, Birth + Postpartum Doulas as well as Placenta Encapsulation services.

Copy of Christy Gochez.png

Amanda Cagle

Your Birth Team

Orange County, CA

(714) 681-2445

We’re a professional perinatal education and support service serving families in Southern CA since 2011. We offer childbirth education, birth & postpartum doula support, placenta encapsulation, car seat inspections, lactation counseling, & more!

Amanda Cagle.jpeg

Lauren Slak

Wholistic Women's Healthcare

Orange County, CA

(949) 424-7619

Midwifery care, homebirth, lactation counseling and placenta encapsulation.

Lauren Slak.jpeg

Shelly Jacobs, IBCLC

Shelly Jacobs


Orange County, CA

(608) 335-7960

My services cover stages from prenatal consultation, presence by your side during the most critical hours after delivery, and anytime throughout your breastfeeding journey. I believe that we will all benefit, if we can lean on each other and learn from one another during this magical, yet vulnerable transition into motherhood.

Shelly Jacobs Bio Photo - Shelly Jacobs.

Nancy L. Manix, MPT, LCCE, IBCLC

Liquid Love Lactation Services

Orange County, CA

(949) 533-2183

Every breastfeeding journey is unique, and deserves respectful, individualized care. I provide in-home lactation consultations for breastfeeding/breastmilk feeding families,


Prior to my involvement in lactation and perinatal education I was a practicing orthopedic physical therapist for 12 years. I have been passionately helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals since 2002!

Nancy Manix.jpeg

Orange County Chiropractic Care for Pregnant & Post-Natal Moms


Dr. Dani Calahan, DC

Calahan Family Chiropractic

Mission Viejo, CA

(562) 743-0654

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be beneficial for the normal physiological function of the mother and baby. During pregnancy, chiropractic care focuses on alignment and balance in the musculoskeletal structures of the pelvis. Proper pelvic alignment helps the mother have an easier pregnancy and can also ease the birth process! This is done through the Webster technique, which Dr Calahan has been certified in since 2014. This also translate postnatally to mother and baby. Chiropractic care can help with pelvic alignment, as well as posture for nursing and holding babe.

Dani Calahan.jpg

Dr. Annie Langford, DC

Light Within Wellness

San Clemente, CA

(760) 716-9293

Prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric chiropractic care.

Annie Yeakel Langford.jpeg

Dr. Daniel Kimbley, DC

Nexus Family Chiropractic

Dana Point, CA

(949) 356-0556

Dr. Daniel is certified in the Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. This is a gentle method of adjusting mom's pelvis in order to reduce uterine constraint and allow the baby to move freely into the best position possible to allow for a gentler and safer birth.


If there is structural harmony, growth and development are effortless, mom is better able to adapt to her changing body, and pregnancy is much more enjoyable.


Chiropractic care immediately after birth and thereafter helps the family to express more of your health potential. Pediatric care involves gentle, specialized techniques for the tiniest of newborns throughout all stages of childhood to create higher levels of health expression.

Daniel Kimbley - Nexus Family Chiropract

Dr. Michelle Weaver, DC

Weaver Chiropractic Wellness


Newport Beach, CA

(949) 416-5429

We offer perinatal chiropractic, as well as pediatric chiropractic. Whether you have aches and pains from pregnancy or postpartum pain associated breastfeeding, we support your journey. We also help with diagnosing tongue ties and help with post frenectomy body work.

Dr. Michelle Weaver, D.C..jpeg

Dr. Brett Long, DC

Longevity Chiropractic

Lake Forest, CA

(949) 472-4007

Dr. Long has focused his specialities in pediatrics, pregnancy adjusting using the WEBSTER technique, and QSM3 upper cervical care which is a that gently unwind the body rather than forcing joints into position.

Brett Long.jpeg

Psychological Care & Coaching

Psycholoical Care

Malaika Clelland

The Nest Family Therapy

Mission Viejo, CA

(949) 547-2050

I'm a therapist specializing in prenatal/postpartum mental health. I have specialized training in birth trauma and use EMDR for perinatal/birth trauma. Moms struggling with anxiety, depression, NICU stays, adjustment to motherhood and parenting young children, are my specialty areas.

Malaika Clelland.jpg

Debbie Hetschel LMFT

Relationship 180


Mission Viejo, CA

(949) 234-7180

As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Debbie assists people from many backgrounds in a broad range of issues including life stage changes, new moms, marital conflict, sexual abuse, anxiety, PTSD, crisis, grief, loss of a child/family member, infertility, miscarriage, sexual addiction, cultural and family issues.


Debbie specializes in trauma as a Certified EMDR therapist, which is a top evidence-based therapy. She has found this modality to be very effective for many of her clients who have experienced known trauma events, trauma to their body and/or unexplained anxiety/PTSD symptoms.

Debbie Hetschel.jpg

Hayley Goldberg

Heart of Connecting


Laguna Hills, CA

(949) 233-0609

I am a parenting coach specializing in working with parents of toddlers and preschoolers. I help parents understand their children's temperament and their behavior.


I help parents make sense of their parenting and help you build a strong family with calm, confident parents raising happy kids who are prepared for school and real life. 

DSC_3353 copy - Hayley Goldberg.jpg

Acupuncture, Nutrition &

Naturopathic Medicine

Acupuncture, Nutritio & Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Julie Harden ND, L.Ac

OC Whole Family Wellness


Laguna Hills, CA

(949) 202-0047

At OC Whole Family Wellness, we support women throughout their journey to parenthood. We believe that the time to start this process is 6 months before conception. Therefore, we have created a unique preconception program for both partners, to prepare for the pregnancy and beyond.


We integrate Naturopathic and Chinese medicine to support optimal hormone balance for conception. Once pregnant, we create a custom nutritional program for each trimester.


We suggest a comprehensive vitamin, mineral, herbal and homeopathic protocol for all stages of the pregnancy, birth, post-partum and breastfeeding. We specialize in providing comprehensive vaccine consultations and creating custom vaccine schedules.

Julie Harden OC Whole Family

Dr. Tina Yang DACM, L.Ac, FABORM

Coastal Acupuncture & 

Natural Health Center


Irvine, CA

(949) 646-4325

We empower and educate our community to optimize their health and wellness through diet, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine & naturopathic medicine.

Tina Yang Coastal Acupuncture.jpg

Dr. Miranda Naylor DO, IFMCP

Dr. Miranda Naylor


Encinitas, CA

(760) 385-8683

Dr. Naylor is a Functional Medicine doctor specializing in women's health. She is passionate about supporting women with preconception prep and fertility, healthy pregnancy, and motherhood. Her approach is to get to the root cause of symptoms and optimize health so that you can be the best version of yourself!

Miranda Naylor.jpeg

Dr. Suzanne Tang ND, L.Ac

Coastal Acupuncture & 

Natural Health Center


Irvine, CA

(949) 646-4325

We empower and educate our community to optimize their health and wellness through diet, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine & naturopathic medicine.

Suzanne's Tang - Coastal Acupuncture.jpg

Pediatric Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Pediatric Resources

Liz Koren MS, OTR/L, SWC

Pure Pediatric Therapy


Aliso Viejo, CA

(949) 916-1654

Pure Peds is a multidisciplinary pediatric therapy clinic specializing in occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy for infants and children. We provide family-centered evaluation and treatment for children to achieve their developmental milestones.

Pure Pediatric Therapy.jpeg
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